08-12-2022 Tom Mullen Talks Freedom

The History Behind the FBI Raid on Trump’s Mar a Lago with Frank Sorrentino.

The raid on former President Trump’s residence, Mar-a-Lago, was unprecedented. But while some see it as the culmination of politicization of the F.B.I. since Trump became president, Dr. Frank Sorrentino says the F.B.I. and other federal bureaucracies have always been political institutions. Guest Bio: Dr. Frank Sorrentino received both his PhD and Master’s Degree in Politics from New York University and has spent time on the faculty of NYU, Long Island University and Kean College. Dr. Sorrentino has received numerous Teaching Excellence Awards from The National Political Science Honor Society. He has authored several books on the presidency and the federal bureaucracy, including Presidential Leadership and the Bureaucratic State, Ideological Warfare: The F.B.I.’s Path Toward Power, and his latest book, Presidential Power and the American Political System.

Tom Mullen with Dr. Frank M. Sorrentino
08-12-2022 Tom Mullen Talks Freedom
Tom Mullen with Dr. Frank M. Sorrentino08-12-2022 Tom Mullen Talks Freedom

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